Thursday, August 6, 2009

Touchy, Touchy

So I get this snippy comment from a reader on in reference to my article on Angostura Bitters:

"I'm sorry? Caribbean attitude? Do you know how insulting this is? Here's a third option for you. Whether or not it was an accident, someone looked at the label, thought it was unique and exciting and went with it. Our attitude in the Caribbean is to embrace creativity. Lose the stereotype please and take note of the fact that the world' best bitters are made by us in Trinidad and Tobago. Maybe we have the RIGHT attitude?"

What this reader didn't realize is that the "Caribbean attitude" comment actually came directly from the Angostura Bitters website, which I clearly linked throughout my article.

According to the Angostura Bitters website:

""4. Many stories surround why the label ended up being too large for the bottle but probably the most well known is that it was simply a result of the laid back Caribbean attitude. When someone ordered the wrong size of label and the mistake was spotted, everyone thought someone else would correct it. When no one did, they decided to stick with the oversized label rather than change it and so it became the trade mark of the brand."

So it wasn't me who was doing the stereotyping like the reader accused me of doing, but it was actually the product from Trinidad and Tobago themselves claiming the stereotype and quite openly I might add. If the reader had only glanced at the website, they would have noticed that. But no, people nowadays are so damn touchy and quick to jump down anyone's throat over the piddliest shit. Seriously.

Instead of telling her to take a hike (which I would never do by the way), I kindly pointed her in the direction of the Angostura Bitters website and re quoted the website directly for her.

People. people, people. Some people are just too easily offended and in this case, for no good reason.


So I am not out on left field here because I received this comment on my actual article today:

Giselle Laronde-West says:
"Hi Kathleen. Thanks for featuring Angostura aromatic bitters. I am the PR manager at the place where it is made in Trinidad. Sorry to hear that someone was irate about something that you wrote about the bitters and the label. To me the article was very much to the point, accurate and interesting for someone who may not know about our product. As you know, every bartender should know the product and have it as part of their staples in the bar."

That comment was totally unsolicited. I used the product's website as a source and now I have a member of the product's PR department backing my article up.


Generic said...

smack. down.

Wondering ... said...

Wondering why you deleted the comments that countered your argument at the and on your personal blog? Sure do what you want at your blog, but some one like the examiner deleting the public's opinion is more than biased.

Kathleen Neves said...


I deleted the comments because they were turning my innocent and informative article on Angostura bitters into a racial/cultural profiling argument, which my article was originally never intended to be about.

I reserve the right to delete any comments that I see fit.