Sunday, August 2, 2009

Grand Opening

One of the many things I am learning as a bar manager is how to remain focused while being pulled in a number of different directions. Each day I manage, I get better and better, especially when I can be the problem solver. I hate not knowing the answer or fixing the situation. The worse feeling in the world, to me, has to be when I have to say, "I don't know."

Overall, our grand opening was really successful tonight. I'm not going to lie. There were a couple rough parts. I ran out of agave nectar because I only had one bottle, Stoli wasn't priced in the system and some of the sub-menus we needed on the bar side just weren't there (this one actually wasn't my fault). I expected there to be some hiccups, but overall there weren't any major problems.

I hope I did a good job tonight. I sure am loving every minute of it. I am learning so much. So, so much. This is what I really want to do. I have found my passion. And that my friends is the best feeling in the entire world.

My body is exhausted, but my mind keeps racing. I didn't even finish my Red Bull tonight.


Gene Miguel - Hoodscope said...

Congratulations! It'll only get better from here!

tangobaby said...

Congratulations! I know you're going to be awesome and I can't wait to come and see you in action.

Kathleen Neves said...

Thank you, you guys! I am so glad that opening night went as well as it did and that it's over. It was the only night where ALL of us were new. I think a lot of our customers got that.

Julie, bring your camera! :)

Amber D said...

Kat, I knew you'd be great! See, little kinks work themselves out. Congrats!!! P.S.- hot pic of you! -Amber from SFSOB :)

Kathleen Neves said...

Thanks Amber! I know eventually, we will all look back on the opening and reminisce so I am trying to enjoy it all while I can, kinks and all.