Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coda Specialty Cocktail Menu

Coda Specialty Cocktail Menu

On The Skizz
Jameson, fresh lemon juice, ginger beer, blood orange bitters and pomegranate juice.

Buena Vista
Lime, serrano chilli, pineapple, agave nectar, Leblon cachaca and El Jimador tequila.

Coda Martinez
Anchor Juniper, sweet vermouth, Maraschino liqueur and Angostura bitters.

Cherry Bomb
Skyy vodka, cherries, lime, simple syrup, mint and a float of sparkling wine.

Supper Club Sidecar

Hennessy Cognac, Cointreau, lemon and a sugared rim.

Mint Smash
Bulleit Bourbon, sugar, mint, club soda and crushed ice.

The Manhattan

(Ri) 1 rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and blood orange bitters.


joflow said...

Do you use the Stirrings blood orange bitters or make your own?

Kathleen Neves said...

We use the Stirrings. We just opened and don't have the time to make our own bitters.

Anonymous said...

Tried the Bulleit drink on Saturday night and it was delicious!!!

Kathleen Neves said...

The Mint Smash is a fun one to make. It's a great drink for bourbon lovers.