Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rent Shirts

This is about the time of the month where girls working in the bar industry start busting out their rent shirts. If you are a female who works in the bar industry where most of your money comes from tips, you own a rent shirt. You might even have three or four. You could be even wearing one of them tonight if you are working.

What is a rent shirt? Everyone knows that rent is due at the beginning of the month. Sometimes the end of the month can be the slowest time of the month for a bartender because everyone is getting ready to pay their rent on the first. This is where the rent shirts come in. A rent shirt is a shirt that females wear to help increase the cash flow behind the bar. A rent shirt helps generate more donations to one's tip jar. In an essence, a rent shirt is generally a low cut, somewhat revealing top that females wear behind the bar in order to help entice men (and sometimes women) to tip them more.

Now don't go crying sexist and feminism on me. I happen to be a proud feminist in that I feel like men and women should be equal. So when it comes to earning money behind the bar, it's fair game. Hey, if a guy bartender can flirt with all the lady customers, I can most definitely wear my rent shirt at the end of the month.


David said...

wow, uh I am spechless! so where does the money go?

Cielo Gold said...

The money goes towards rent and cat food. Gotta feed my uber fat cat!