Saturday, March 28, 2009

I Smell Cheese

With Disaronno it should be more like an almond flavor/smell, but after seeing this commercial, you would swear it was suppose to be cheese.

First, the bartender grabs the martini glass by the body of the glass, not the stem. Big no-no!! Why would you take the time and energy to chill the drink only to warm it with your hands before giving it to the customer? Also, what customer wants someone's fingerprints all over the area in which they are going to drink their drink from?

Secondly, I can't speak for other bartenders, but when a customer reaches out to grab me, they never receive a warm reception back. The bartender in the commercial gets grabbed by his female customer and it looks like he jizzed in his pants (total SNL reference there). I have zero tolerance for people grabbing me. If you need my attention or want to "holla at me", you can wait until I make eye contact with you. Just don't try and touch me. It's weird.

Then the female customer grabs an ice cube and tries her best to look seductive as she licks the ice while staring at the bartender, creepy!! I guess that might work for guy bartenders, but if a guy customer did that to me, I think I would laugh in his face. Then I would mock him by grabbing a piece of ice and licking it right back at him. Maybe even put the ice cube in my mouth and then spit it out in his direction.

Cheesy commercial but maybe that's what they were going for. The uber cheesiness makes the commercial memorable and makes me laugh every time I see the bottle behind the bar or at the school. Damn marketing!!!

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