Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is It Obvious?

The other day I was waiting at the bus stop to go to work and I was talking about the bus line to the other people who were also waiting. I was blabbing on and on about how the stupid bus (and it only seems to be this particular line) is always early. In the MUNI system, a bus being early is usually unheard of, but not the 19. This bitch always comes early and it drives me nuts.

Anyways, this older lady piped up and told me thanks for the information and that it was good to know. Now she knows to get to the stop 10 minutes early. Then she asked me if I was a teacher. I told her yes. When she asked me which grade, I laughed and told her that I teach at a bartending school. I teach people how to make drinks. She said that it sounded like a really fun job. Then she told me she knew I was a teacher and a good one at that because she is old and could hear me perfectly clear.

Does that really mean I am a good techer? Maybe I am just a loud mouth? Or maybe it's from all of those years and having to communicate with a hard-of-hearing grandma.

RIP Grandma Disney. She is the reason why I write...

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