Friday, March 20, 2009


When normal people have nightmares, they dream about stuff like monsters and boogeymen. Not me! Ever since I started bartending many moons ago, my nightmares now consist of the worse night you could ever imagine working behind a bar. I am talking about 100's of people standing at the bar, staring at me while they wait for me to take their drink order, I am running out of every liquor that I have stocked behind the bar, I run out of change, the server drink tickets are stacking up, my barback is nowhere to be found and I have no other bartender working with me behind the bar. In my nightmares, I never get caught up with all of my drink orders. I only keep falling farther and farther behind. I get so far behind that I don't even look up to make eye contact with anyone waiting at the bar because I am scared that they all are going to yell at me for not being fast enough.

I usually only have nightmares after a really busy shift, even if the busy shift went really smooth. It's like my body finally relaxes from the fast paced evening and now that I am sleeping, my mind has time to reflect on the evening and reflect on how badly it could have gone.

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