Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Customer Service

Working as a bartender, your job revolves around customer service. Your job is essentially to take of the customer. You make drinks, suggest items off the menu, and cater to the customer whatever they might desire. If you make a mistake as a bartender, it's your responsibility to fess off, apologize and correct your mistake.

Today I was having lunch at the bar of a restaurant. I enjoy eating at the bar because you get to watch all the action and usually get served faster. My bartender misrung my order so when my food came out, it wasn't what I had ordered. I had to send it back to the kitchen. I hate having to send stuff back to the kitchen, but if it's wrong then it's wrong.

What made the situation shitty was that the bartender made it sound like it was my fault. Instead of apologizing for his mistake, he told me he heard me say something else. He should have just apologized right away. Then for the rest of meal, he ignored me. Never once checked on me.

I realize that some customers out there are a pain the ass. I get that. But there is no reason for a bartender to get upset with a customer when it was clearly the bartender who made the mistake in first place.


MASON said...

I agree.

Here on Maui. I have waited almost twenty minutes to get a drink, when they are right in front of you.

If you can find a good bartender, you have found a good bar.

They are the one's that create the experience. If you are interested in customer service, like you mentioned, I bet you are an excellent bartender!!

Keep up the good work, and don't be afraid to be honest with the next bloke that doesn't have the consideration for you.

It's a bad stereotype, but most bartenders think they are GOD and are usually assholes.

Let's hope when new bartenders are applying for work, customer service is number one, versus "I can do whatever I want, it's my bar" attitude.

Working in a bar is a rough atmosphere for a lot of reasons.

But it can be a total blast!

I hope the best for you!


Cielo Gold said...

I totally agree. A lot of bartenders out there do think they are GOD. It's a negative stereotype, but is true. It makes all of us other bartenders look bad.

I am the same way, when I find a good bartender, I keep coming back for more. I can never get enough of a good bartender!

Bartending is seriously the most fun job I have ever had...even in the shittiest of bars. Way better than a desk job!