Thursday, March 5, 2009

Cocktail-the movie

Remember this movie from the 80's? I know I do. It certainly didn't motivate me to become a bartender because at the time this movie came out, I was only 13. Not even thinking about alcohol. I didn't even have my first drink until my 21st birthday and even then I didn't become well versed with things behind the bar until I was 25 or so.

Interesting poem that Tom Cruise rattles off while standing on top of the bar. He manages to fit a lot of popular drink names into his speech (Sex on the Beach, Orgasm, Alabama Slammer, Kamikaze, Singapore Sling, etc.) Then after his little show on the bar top, he hops down and does some fancy flair bartending for a cheering crowd. Some people dig the whole flair bartending thing. I don't. Look how long it took him to make the one blue drink for the lady with the camera (AKA: Gina Gershon).

Take a look for yourselves...

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