Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Polish Glasses In My Sleep

Seriously. I polish glasses in my sleep. I polish so many glasses at work that I dream about it. It's always really annoying when you dream about work because when I'm not at work, I don't really want to think about work. I'm there enough as it is.

I know with every bar I have ever worked at, I have always had a certain amount of side work. Side work is just special duties that you have to complete each shift in addition to the normal job duties. These especially come in handy when it's slow. Some of my all-time favorite side duties? Cutting garnishes and polishing glasses. I love doing side work where I can just let my mind wander and think about nothing in particular. I like to save all of my energy for paying customers.

Does it make me weird that I actually find a little joy in my side work? I don't think it's the actual work itself that I enjoy, but the fact that I can let myself doze off mentally for a sec behind the bar.

Hey, everyone is entitled to some sort of mental recharge at some point during their shift. I hope I dream about something else tonight besides polishing glasses. I know I already got paid to polish my fair share today.

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