Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Exciting News!

I can finally tell the world my good news. I have been asked to be the bar manager for a new restaurant/jazz club scheduled to open in the beginning of August here in San Francisco, located in the Mission. I am very excited for this opportunity. I have been a working bartender for six years and have never been a bar manager. I guess all of my hard work and enthusiasm for this industry is finally paying off. I was so honored that they chose me. Being a bar manager was my next logical step in my bartending career. Now I am one step closer to someday opening a place of my own.

Besides having a really cool job and working for super cool owners, this means that I will be going back to bartending nights again, four to five nights a week. I had to give notice to the bar I currently work at. I really love working there, but I just couldn't pass up this opportunity. I will only be teaching at the school now on Saturdays because that is all my schedule would allow. I am going to try and keep my Saturday class at the school, but I might have to let it go if my schedule gets to hectic at the new place.

I will still be writing as the Bartender Examiner on and of course updating my blog here on a regular basis. Now that I will be working nights again, I will have even more juicy stories to share with you. Stories can only get so juicy working behind the bar of a restaurant that closes at 11. It seems like all the really good stuff happens after midnight.

I am still pinching myself about my new job. Yay!


Rachel said...

Excellent news!

Bruce said...

CONGRATS and hire me, lol!

Bruce, from school! :-)