Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ask the Bartender: Tipping at an Event

Maggie Savarino of the Seattle Weekly writes an excellent column called "Voracious: Eating In, Out and Around Seattle." In her column, she writes a weekly feature called, "Ask the Bartender" where readers will write in their questions about bartenders, bar etiquette and bartending in general. This week's "Ask the Bartender" question was:

Who do I tip when I'm going to a wedding? We got in an argument at a wedding last week that I tipped too much. It was a downtown hotel, and I was raised to tip for service. I know I tip the valet, coat check and the bartender, but what about the waiter? I have three more to go to this summer, and I'm tired of not knowing and feeling awkward or wrong!

Be sure to read the rest of this week's "Ask the Bartender."

Every bartender who has ever worked an open bar or hosted party knows and dreads this situation all too well. I agreed and loved Maggie's answer such as, "Tipping is just what you do, people. If you don't like it, move to Germany." and "YOU ALWAYS TIP THE BARTENDER." All hail Maggie Savarino and her awesome column!!!

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