Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You Know What's Annoying?

Every now and then I will get an antsy pants customer who doesn't want to wait their turn. Before I even have a chance to take their drink order, their barking it out to me. Depending on how annoying this customer is, I might just drop whatever it is that I'm doing and help them. The faster I help them, the sooner I can get them out of my face.

The annoying part is when I do make their drinks for them right away, I go to deliver their drinks and they are nowhere to be found.

If you are in such a damn hurry to get your drinks and the bartender drops whatever they're doing to help you, than the least you can do is wait at the bar for the drinks you so hastily ordered.

I mean is that too much to ask annoying customer?

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Who is Felicia? said...

I would be honored if you used my annoying customer cartoon! I emailed you signed version at your xploited email.

Amelia Sauter aka Felicia