Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cabbie, WTF?

Last night on my way home from work (I always take a cab home after work because it's much safer than public transportation or walking late at night), my cabbie decides to pull over to these two scantily dressed girls who were trying to wave down a cab from a street corner. I immediately ask my cabbie, "What the F are you DOING?" He turned around, looked at me and told me he wanted to ask to see if they were going in the same direction we were. I told him no way. First of all, he already had a paying fare (ME) and second, I had been working all night long, was tired, had to get up for work early in the morning and didn't have any desire to share my cab with anyone. I couldn't believe that the cabbie actually tried to argue with me about picking these girls up. Are you serious? I have NEVER had a cabbie try to pick up extra fare on my dime. I know we are in a recession, but this was stupid.

Despite the fact that I told the cabbie repeatedly not to pull over and pick up the random girls (Shit, they could get their own cab), he decided to pull over anyways and ask the girls if they needed a ride. When the girls saw that I was in the back of the cab, they looked at the cabbie, looked confused and then asked him why he had pulled over if he already had someone in the car.

Stupid cabbie. I told him not to pull over. What was he expecting? All of us to climb into the cab and have one happy party? The guy pissed me off so I only tipped him one dollar. For the stunt he pulled, I shouldn't have tipped him at all, but we are in a recession after all.

This incident almost pissed me off as much as the cabbie who dropped me off one time and decided to keep my change, assuming that was what I was going to tip him. It's cabbies like these fools that give other cabbies a bad rep.

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notesfromthecab said...

As both a part time bartender and part time cabbie I understand your concern and annoyance at his stunt. I am sure he was thinking that it might be fun no matter what the fare was.