Sunday, April 19, 2009

Thankful I Don't Work in Retail Anymore

The other day, I was having a snack in a nearby mall and was people watching. I LOVE people watching. I saw groups of women who were clearly on their lunch break from their job at the mall. They were all dressed up, had their fake smiles on and were being overly fake with one another. It's like they couldn't turn off their "retail game face" even on their break from the job. Sad. I felt sorry for them. Then I remembered.....

I worked in retail once in my life. It was right after I had graduated from high school. I thought it would be glamourous to work in a mall. I had just gotten my first credit card and welcomed the discounts working in the mall would give me. I did pretty well. I had no problem getting customers to sign up for the store issued credit cards by enticing them with the ten percent discount they would be receiving on thier purchase and that they didn't have to pay for their purchase today if they got approved. Sneaky. Not to mention, I could sell clothes to people like a mo-fo. I was so good at my retail job that they offered me a permanent, cushioned position in the Juniors department three months after I had started working there. Shortly after being offered the full-time position, I had had enough. Retail drove me crazy and I was spending more money on clothing than I was making. So I quit.

It would suck to work in retail as a mall girl. I would know. I was once one. Working in a mall can be boring. You have to kiss people's ass for a living, all day long. You basically end up living your life in a mall and are always tempted to spend your paycheck on clothes. It was near impossible for me to budget my money when I worked in a mall.

I'm really glad that I never got stuck in retail. I like the idea of getting people drunk for a living a lot better. I'm a lot happier bartending, teaching people how to bartend and writing about bartending.

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