Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Proof That We CAN All Get Along


I saw these guys walking around Union Square a couple weeks ago. It was seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen. Check out the video:


Alexsandria said...

That's crazy! I know this man!
I was a crazy hippie kid for a while and hitched hiked around the country and I met this guy on the hitch hiker's circuit down in Key West. That cat and dog must be getting pretty old by now.
I hate to break it to you, but in reality that guy has a pretty serious crack problem and he lives in his beat up van with his animals. When I saw into the back of his van I got super bummed out because I realized that this thing he was doing was just a gimmick to support his crack habit. I'm honestly surprised that he's still alive.

Cielo Gold said...

I had a feeling something was a little off with this guy, but I am a sucker for animals. I didn't give him any money, but I got a chance to pet the dog, cat and rat. I was really sad when I was petting the cat, I could feel how bony he was. I wanted to go grab some cat food for the poor little guy right there, but the guy had already started to take off.

So how does he keep the dog, cat and rat all together like that enough to march them all over the place? Do they truly get along or are they drugged? I am so curious.

Alexsandria said...

He doesn't drug them as far as I could tell. the dog and cat were raised together. He trained them to hag out like that from when they were super young, so now it's not difficult because that's just their life, you know?
As far as the rats go, he's got more than one. When I met him he had three or four (this was 6 years ago). Rats are actually super smart and easy to train. The day I hung out with him he gave me a rat to walk around Key West with. The rat would just run around my shoulders. He knew a few simple commands. Like when I put my finger down on my hand he would run down and sit. Or when I raised my finger up in front of him he would stand up on his hind legs. It was a lot of fun!
Thanks for the compliment on my blog!