Friday, August 1, 2008

Sometimes I Feel Like A Water Facet

And it's always right before we stop serving for the night. It is like people realize all of a sudden that the lights are about to come on and they have to rehydrate themselves. Some of them wished that the water could sober them up, but we all know the only thing that sobers you up is time.

So right around 1:30, I always get a crowd of people who ask for water. Asking for water is fine, but please keep in mind I am still providing you a service. Throwing me a dollar here or there is always greatly appreciated. If you are one of those people who only orders glasses of water all night long and doesn't tip at all, I think you are annoying.

Moral of the story is the more high maintenance you are, the more you should tip. If I have paying and tipping customers at my bar and you yell at me in the middle of another transaction to ask me for a glass of water, you will just get ignored. Seriously. How would you react if I interrupted you like that at work while you were in the middle of doing something else? You would be pretty annoyed too.

I remember one time working behind the bar when I was really busy and this guy asked me for water. He did not specify bottled or tap so I gave him a bottle and told him it would be five bucks. Yes, that is how much we charged for bottle water at that bar. The guy told me no way and asked for tap water. By that time, I was already onto the next set of paying customers. He asked me again and actually got into my face about it. I stopped what I was doing, took the bottled water back and told him he wither paid me five bucks or he could go drink out of a sink in the bathroom. He didn't have to get into my face over a glass of water. He called me a bitch and without missing a beat, I motioned to a nearby security guard who ushered the guy right out of the club.

I felt kind of bad about having him kicked out over water, but he did call me a bitch and that's where I draw the line.

Don't piss off bartenders over glasses of water. Just ask nicely and be sure to show your appreciation through a measly tip.

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