Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Name is Not "Hey"

My name is not "Hey". When you are waiting at a crowded bar and desperately want to get the bartender's attention so you can get served next, jumping up and down, waving your hands and screaming "Hey!!" will only get you served last. If someone calls me "Hey", my reaction will depend on my current mood. If I am having a good night and this person is the first retarded customer of the night, I will smile at them as I am helping someone else and tell them that "Hey" is not my name. If I am three deep and I have been a rough night so far, I just might ignore their impatient ass. If I am really feeling like being a dick, I will make sure to help the person standing right next to them, next. Usually, I don't have too many problems with the "Heys". Once I quickly correct them on their manners, these customers usually learn to be patient and polite. Sometimes you just have to remind people that they need to be polite.

Last week, I had two girls come up to the bar and ask about our infused vodkas. After I explained to them what they were, they wanted to try one and asked for a mixer suggestion. I told them what I had in mind for them and then went to make their drink. When I came back, the girls already had another cocktail in front of them. I looked at them and then they looked at me with a guilty look on their face. Apparently as soon as I stepped away to make their drink, another bartender approached them and they double ordered.

In this situation, I could have easily gotten pissed off and told them a thing or two about how I felt. They not only wasted my time, but wasted alcohol. Instead, I took the opportunity to properly educate these two. I figured they wouldn't be a lost cause because as soon as I came back with their drink, they both knew they had screwed up. I explained to them that if they start a transaction with one bartender, then they need to end the same transaction with the same bartender, Otherwise, duplicate drinks are made. I think they were relived that I didn't go off on them. They apologized profusely and even told me they wanted to pay for both drinks. And on top of that, they tipped me well.

Sometimes, you just have to show them the way.


SFMuni Lady01 said...

Indeed a situation regarding bar etiquette that you handled fabulously! The Muni Ladies highly approve of your strategy to educate the guilty party on proper manners - carry on! We love your blog, too!

Cielo Gold said...

Thank you sfmuni lady 01!! I am so honored that you read my blog and approve of my strategy. Maybe together we can make MUNI and the bar scene a more pleasant place for everyone. :)