Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Could We Have Made It Anymore Clear?

True story. Sunday brunch never fails to bring in a wide variety of characters. They all seem to really dig our Build-Your-Own-Bloody-Mary bar. One guy this past weekend was rather upset and asked his server why we didn't have the bitters bottle clearly labeled. Of course she was confused and asked the man to point out the bottle to her so she could see how we had it labeled. He grabbed the bitters bottle that still had the original bitters bottle label on it just like I have shown in the picture here. At this point, what could the server do? Read it to him? I think she ended up just walking away.


Michelle said...


I guess it looks very much like the Worchestershire sauce bottle to a drunk or hungover person. Its a little tough for those little guys to focus. lol

I know I dropped W sauce in my sprite one time instead of bitters. Ick!

Cielo Gold said...

The customers we get for Sunday brunch are of a different variety. Even though I think the idea of having a Build-Your-Own-Bloody Mary bar is a cool concept (hey, not everyone likes the same thing), the ones that are really hungover and don't want to make decisions always ask me to make theirs for them.

Don't they know that Sunday is the day of the Sabbath? My day of rest (even though I have to bartend brunch) LOL!