Saturday, August 2, 2008

Nightmare Night

Last night behind the bar was the kind of night I have nightmares about. It was weird because just the night before, I had a dream that I was a server who got slammed and kept getting everyone's order all messed up. A little foreshadowing perhaps?

Last night's shift wasn't my worse night of bartending ever, but it was pretty close. First of all, I had to work a double (4pm to 3:30am). Working the double was the easy part. Over the course of the whole night, we ran out of everything: Grey Goose, Kettle, Belvedere, Fernet, Don Julio, Patron, ice, ones, fives, glassware, manpower. Our bar got slammed at 11 pm and didn't let up until 1 am. My side of the bar was deep with thirsty people all night long. And just as Murphy's Law would have it, it seemed like most of the people I helped were very high maintenance with their double cadillac margaritas, cosmos, lemon drops and chilled shots of whatever we had left to pour. It was so frustrating. All I wanted to do was go fast, but the customers I had kept making me go slow, not only with their order and their add-on orders but with their credit cards.

Have I mentioned how much I hate credit cards? One girl wanted me to split her tab on to two credit cards in the middle of the rush. I could have slapped her.

We made it through the night and I ended up making decent money so it was worth the pain and drama. I just hate bartending nights like that. I am a hard worker, but I have to be prepared for something like that in order to feel good about my night. I think every bartender would feel the same way.

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