Sunday, June 8, 2008

Training Night #2

Tonight went so much better. I felt so much more comfortable and at ease. I came in at 5 and had to set up the entire bar. It was no sweat. I like setting up the bar because you get extra time behind the bar to set it up how you like it. I made a lot more of the drinks off of the specialty cocktail menu. I am finally getting a lot of them down. I am showed once how to make the drink and I remember for the next time someone orders it. We even got fed at the beginning of the shift which was nice because I didn't eat all day. I was too nervous!

I guess I got tipped out from the night before too. I don't know how much because its in the safe. It isn't much but its a little something. I guess they really thought I did a good job. I am stoked. I wasn't expecting that at all.

Tonight, a table personally tipped me out through my manager. I couldn't think of a bigger compliment. And what a better person to tip me out through-my manager!! Speaking of manager, he had me make him a couple cocktails for him to try. I totally passed the test. He liked all of the drinks I made for him. That was a relief.

I am scheduled to come in tomorrow at 11 for the Sunday brunch. No one seems to like to work that shift. I don't think I will mind it. I get to wear whatever I want. I can order anything I want from the menu. Plus, it looks like I am getting all the tips. Well, me and my barback. I was told that it could be a hit or miss. Some Sundays you can make good money and other you don't make shit. Either way, I don't care. It's Sunday and I wont even be there for a full shift anyways. I will get out of there while the sun is still up. That's totally cool with me.

I got hired!

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