Monday, June 30, 2008

Cash. I Love Cash.

In general, if there are two people standing at the bar, one is holding cash and the other one is holding a credit card, I am going to help the person with the cash first. Why? Because credit cards can be a pain in the ass if you are busy and want to make a lot of drinks. Basically, the more drinks you make, the higher your sales are. The higher your sales are, the more tips you get. Plus, credit cards slow down the whole process. Don't get me wrong. I will eventually help everyone. It's just I prefer dealing with cash customers first. They are faster and easier.

I love going to work in a good mood and staying in that good mood during my entire shift. My Thursday night this week was like that. Even though it was our busiest night of the week, people were cool to me and relatively painless. Plus, I walked home with a fistful of cash. I love nights at work like that.

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