Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Got The Job!

I got offered the bartending gig on my second night of training. And here I was sweating it all weekend wondering if I was going to get the job or not. I have been debating on whether I should put in my notice here at my full-time day job. I guess the only reason why I wouldn't is because I am scared that I wont make enough with my shifts. Technically, I need to make $200 a shift in order to make what I bring home during the day. I will be working four shifts a week. I bet I can do it. If I need to, I can always pick up an extra shift or get a part time job in the meantime. No sweat.

All I know is that I am miserable doing what I am doing now. I am not doing anything about pursuing my dreams here. I am always in a bad mood and wish I were anywhere but here. At least with bartending nights, I will be able to pursue my video production career and get the internship I need in order to build up my resume. Plus, I will be working a whole lot less. That means more time to focus on my zine and video projects.

I know deep in my heart I am making the right decision for me. I don't ever want to be stuck or forced to do something I don't want to be doing.

I am scared to give my notice to my boss, but it is going to happen today.

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