Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tired. One More Week To Go.

I have one more week to go of this two-job-craziness-not-having-a-day-off schedule. I am beyond exhausted. There are moments when I feel okay and well-rested and then there are days like today where my eyes wont stop burning and I can't stop yawning. Yesterday I had to be at work by 8:30am, work until 5 and then bartend from 6pm until 3am. I had a total of four hours sleep before I had to come in and work my day job today. Money is a great motivator.

Last night, we were slammed all night long. It wasn't even a normal night for us. Usually we are closed on Tuesdays, but we were open to a private event last night. Lots of champagne. Lots of mojitos. Lots of flippin credit cards. It seemed like every order I took wanted to pay with a credit card. As soon as I would get into my groove of things, something would slow me down like making two mojitos, pouring countless glasses of champagne or closing someone's credit card tab out. Nothing is more annoying then being slammed and having people repeatedly ask you for glasses of water and then not tip.

We ended up making decent money. I was there for 9.5 hours so I am glad that it was worth it. I even got a Moet t-shirt that I plan on wearing in the future. I love White Star. It's my favorite champagne of all time.

Some chick at the bar last night got mad at me for asking to see her id because her name was "Michael". Not Michelle, but Michael as in the boys name. I asked her if she would rather me not ask for her id and let anyone use her card. She still gave me attitude.

Another customer at the bar last night fell in love with me and bought me a glass of champagne. Sadly, I wasn't allowed to drink it, but I appreciated the gesture.

One more week of the double duty madness and then I will be a full-time bartender. It feels good to be back behind the bar again. I think I made the right choice. No, I know I made the right choice.

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