Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Inspired by My Customers

One of the many things I love about bartending is the customers I meet at my bar. I meet all types of people, all the time. We talk about all kinds of things. They say I inspire them. I tell them they inspire me right back and it's true. Case in point: Last night I had two ladies come in towards the end of the night for a cocktail. Our conversation started off about the restaurant itself, the delicious cocktails we make using fresh ingredients and then moved on to talking about bartending in general and working in the industry.

We talked about how it takes a special person to be a bartender. Everyone wants to be a bartender. Out of all of the jobs in the house, being a bartender is easily the most sought out position. Think about it. The bartender is the ring leader of the party. He/She holds the control of the booze and therefore has the most fun. They don't know it yet, but these lades inspired me to write the next article in my "job search" article series on Examiner.com.

In the meantime, check out my cool customers that inspired me last night at the site: Write Between The Lines

Write Between the Lines
is an exploration and articulation of the obvious and the obscure. A cavalcade of creation and commentary designed to amuse and bemuse.

Thanks Katy and Jane for your inspiration last night.

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