Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hey SF, Meet Your Mixologist

A very good friend of mine, Heidi, was chosen for the "Meet Your Mixologist" feature in the SF Examiner last week. Super, totally awesome. Go Heidi!!

Spa-inspired drinks a specialty at Boboquivari
By: Tiffany Martini

We’ve had many a bartender make us feel good once we slid ourselves off their bar stools. Bobo’s resident mixologist, Heidi Walrath, however, had us feeling downright great. The gal just beams optimism and positive energy. She’s currently studying to be a chiropractor and is also deeply interested and invested in nutrition, which explains why she deems many of her cocktails, well, healthful. One of her spa-inspired drinks is the Q-Ball, which brings together Hangar One Buddha’s Hand Citron, fresh cucumber, lemon and mint. She even once made a cocktail with Emergen-C on the rim. If you use a lot of fresh citrus — such as lemons and limes — as it breaks down in your body, it reduces the acidity (which is what alcohol amplifies). We feel better already. Next time we need a liquid diagnosis, we’re hitting up Walrath, who will give us our medicine via stemware, not needles. Read More...

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Very nice.... thanks for sharing.....

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