Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Turn Off the Cell Phone

I don't know what it is, but I find it really annoying when people talk on their cell phone while they are at the bar. I just laugh at the guys who walk around inside nightclubs with their bluetooth ear piece in their ear. Who do they need to talk to so desperately at 11pm on a Friday or Saturday night? And even if they couldn't miss the call, how could they possibly hear the conversation in the club in the first place?

If someone comes up to the bar already on their cell phone, I will usually insist that they finish their conversation before placing a drink order with me. I find cell phone usage in those situations really, really rude. If your call is that important, then you should finish it up outside before starting another conversation on the inside. Don't you think?

I had this guy come in the other night who dined at the bar and spent his entire meal on his cell phone. That's right-the entire meal!! How could you possibly enjoy your meal while being attached to a stupid cell phone? Especially an expensive steak and glass of wine. He ordered his drinks while being on the cell phone. He drank his drinks while being on the cell phone. He ordered and eat his dinner while being, shocker, on the damn cell phone. At least he left a nice tip.

At first, it annoyed me. But then after awhile, I didn't care. Hey, it was one less person to have to talk to at the bar and it freed me up to talk to all of my other customers who were there at the bar, in the flesh and mind.

Still, regardless, cellphone usage at the bar annoys me. Turn the damn thing off and talk to me. I am kind of fun to talk to. A lot more interesting than your stupid phone.


Rock It said...

you sound like a fun bartender you actually want to talk to your customers...most ignore customers.

and yeah cell phones are very annoying especially when they try to order and talk at the same time. i don't take orders unless your only talking to me.

Cielo Gold said...

Are you kidding me? I LOVE talking to my customers. Talking to my customers makes the night go faster and I usually get some interesting sort of experience out of the whole thing.

I have met all kinds of people over the years. Very entertaining to say the least. Bartenders who refuse to chat up their customers are really missing out!!

I always insist that customers finish up with their phone call before they place any order with me. It's just a huge pet peeve of mine.

Cell phone usage at the bar just equals rude in my book.