Tuesday, February 3, 2009


According to Wikipedia,

"The word "tip" is often inaccurately claimed to be an acronym for terms such as "to insure prompt service", "to insure proper service", "to improve performance", and "to insure promptness". However, this etymology contradicts the Oxford English Dictionary[4] and is probably an example of a backronym. Moreover, most of these backronyms incorrectly require the word "insure" instead of the correct "ensure"."

The site also goes on to explaining in great detail:


When purchasing alcoholic beverages at a bar it is customary to tip. One dollar per drink is common, mostly due to complications that come from using/making change and calculating percentages. If a bartender is taking special care to take and fill your drink orders quickly at a busy bar where others may be waiting for service, a tip in the higher range is appropriate. Drinks which are more complex than a draught beer or simple mixed cocktail may also warrant a greater tip."

Ever wonder why some European tourists DON'T tip? The Wikipedia entry explains it all, in great detail, country by country. Awesome!!

Read the rest of the Wikipedia entry on TIPS.

Now show me the money bitches!

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