Saturday, February 7, 2009

No Kiddos At My Bar!

The other night I had a family come in for dinner and had their three, very under-aged children sit at my bar. No no NO! Absolutely not allowed!!! Totally illegal and in direct violation with the ABC (the people who issue liquor licenses here in the state of California).

I would like to think that the parents of these children just had a lapse of judgment when they saddled their children up at my bar. I mean, people can't really be that stupid to think that it would actually be okay for a child to sit at a bar, can they?

I had to ask the parents, kindly and quickly, to move their children to a nearby table, away from my bar, while they waited for their table. The couple obliged without any hesitation. Thank goodness.

Oh yeah and if you look a day under 30, I am carding you. I have every right to. It's my job on the line and I am not trying to lose it over your under-aged ass. If you are of legal drinking age and I card you, take it as a compliment. Don't roll your eyes and give your bartenders grief when you have to pull out your ID. We are just trying to do our J-O-B.


Ed said...

And a BIG FAT fine for the bartender who serves under-age...

Cielo Gold said...

And a BIG FAT fine for the establishment as well which usually leads to the firing of that bartender. It's just all bad to serve people under 21.

The ABC aren't ones to be messed with. Period!

Rock It said...

seriously. even as a server people give you an attitude for carding them. i don't go and complain where your working, so don't complain that i need your ID.