Tuesday, May 12, 2009

i live here: SF

I am being featured on the i live here: SF blog today. The i live here: SF project is a photography feature on various people who live here in San Francisco and want to tell their story through their words and the pictures taken by the AMAZING Tangobaby.

When I first stumbled upon the i live here: SF blog, I fell in love with it immediately. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love living here in the city, especially here in the Tenderloin. People close to me also know how much I love bartending. This project was a way for me to combine both of those things that I love so much and tell my story.

We had so much fun running around the TL on a sunny Sunday afternoon, taking pictures. I also have a new and amazing friend.

Thanks Julie.

i live here: SF (Kathleen)

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tangobaby said...

And thank you... it was such a treat to spend time with you, and you're a lovely model. ;-)

I am looking forward to our next visit!