Tuesday, May 5, 2009

10 Things Bartenders Hate

A friend of mine asked me what ten things bartenders hate. I can only speak for myself here, based on my own personal experience. It took me a second, but I came up with a pretty good list. Keep in mind, I absolutely LOVE bartending. No joke. But if I had to pick ten thngs, this is what they would be.

Not listed in any particular order. I think I hate them all pretty equally:

1. People who don't want to wait their turn to order a drink.

2. People who don't tip on free drinks (open bars especially).

3. People who try to order a drink while talking on a cell phone.

4. Having to cut a customer off.

5. People who order drinks without ice. I understand if your teeth are sensitive, but it's the people who don't order ice thinking they are going to get more liquor. Nope, they are just getting more mixer.

6. When people say "Make it strong!" and assume off the bat that I am going to make them a weak drink.

7. Customers who touch me.
There is no reason to touch the bartender, EVER!

8. When people expect free drinks. Free drinks are a privilege, not a right.

9. Customers who come in as soon as the business opens or earlier. Customers who come in right before closing time.

10. When customers place the same order with multiple bartenders.

Hey, no matter how much you love a job, no job out there is perfect all of the time.

Happy Cinco De Mayo. Do I hear Taco Tuesday? I think I do!


Anonymous said...

I must agree with your #9... My bar doesn't open until 4pm, and it CLEARLY states this on the door to the bar. Yet, the locals INSIST on coming at 3:45 or EARLIER!!! What makes it even worse, is that even after locking the door to the bar, some of the sleazy regulars have the nerve to come in the back door to the kitchen! WTF??!!! Who does that?! It truly amazes me, how some people think. They feel that just because they come to the same bar everyday, that they're owed something. when in fact, it's the other way around. they should be thanking US for giving them a place to hide from their outside problems and shortcomings.

Cielo Gold said...

I have to agree with you. With some regulars, you give them an inch and they take a mile.

I have the same frustrations as the people who come in expecting to drink for free because they know the name of the owner(s). I want to know what rock these people come out from.

law bar said...

YES!! If you were making it a top 3, I would say 2, 7, and 10 are sort of more severe offenses.