Monday, October 13, 2008

Ice Scoop vs. Tin

Hey all you bartenders out there. Which do you prefer: ice scoop or tin? I have been known to toss my scoop aside and use the tin directly to make drinks, but that move makes me a "ghetto bartender" in some peoples eyes. In all reality, I think it ultimately depends on the type of place you work in. Their house, their rules.

In my opinion, there aint nothing wrong with being a little ghetto....The tin bypasses a whole step and helps me make your drink that much faster.

What do you think?


ShakenNotStirred said...

I'm a scoop kind of girl. Although in a rush I definitely pop that glass right into the tin.

Michelle said...

Classy hot bartender with a ghetto tin attitude who makes the best tasting drinks? People should be impressed, not judgmental.

Snarky Bartender said...

I use a tin. But then again, I work in the ghetto. I've actually had guests look at me suspiciously and ask me how I made their drinks so fast.