Thursday, October 30, 2008

Doing vs. Teaching: A Big Difference

It's one thing to work behind a bar for five years. It's another thing entirely to get back on the other side and teach people how to do it. I spent a solid week shadowing multiple instructors at the bartending school. I feverishly took notes on the topics they covered, how they presented their ideas and questions students asked. But nothing really can prepare you for the real thing.

The night before I taught my first class, I thought I was going to throw up. I was scared shitless. Even though I know the material, it's still a bit scary doing anything for the first time. Just like working your first shift at any new bar is always a bit scary and stressful.

Now I am coming up on my second week of teaching. I have to admit with each class I teach, it gets less scary. I still have the school's director leaning over my shoulder critiquing me. But I hear that he doesn't critique me as much as he has some instructors in the past. So maybe I am doing something right? I spent the last two nights researching material and putting together my lessons plans for class. I have one more class to teach tomorrow.

Whoever thought I would become a bartender school instructor? Not me, but I am glad that I have. It's sad, but I am making more money now as an instructor than I am bartending. Either I work in a really slow spot or the economy really sucks. At least people are still signing up for the bartending school.


Michelle said...

That is so freakin awesome girl! Proud of you!

The director couldn't critique you cuz you're smart, hot, and perfect.


Anonymous said...

So now that you teach at a bartending school do you think its actually worth going to bartending school

Cielo Gold said...

I actually do think it is worth it to go to a bartender school now that I am teaching. I learned how to bartend on the job from other bartenders. At first I was overwhelmed with learning all the drinks, liquors, wines, beers, etc.

At the school, you get to learn everything that I learned in a two-week course, set up in a real-life bar environment. You pour drinks using colored water instead of booze.

In addition to learning the drinks, you learn valuable bartender life lessons such as customer service, cutting garnishes, bar tools, liquors/spirits knowledge, wine service, beer, etc. The information you learn in the two-week course is easily comparable to a year experience behind the bar. Well worth it and a lot of fun!!

Some bartenders out there snub their nose at bartender schools because they feel like everyone should learn behind the bar like they did, but in my book knowledge is power. Why not arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can BEFORE getting behind the bar?

Angelica said...

thanks for replying...i am truly interested in becoming a bartender...Ive always watched from the sidelines as a server...i think I'm going to go to bartending school then....thanks.

Cielo Gold said...


Thanks for reading my blog.

Good luck to you. I think you already have an "in" being a server. Make friends with the bartenders at work and ask them to show you things behind the bar during the slow times. I think with being a server and going to bartender school, you should be in really good shape and well on your way to becoming a bartender.