Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Tequila Loving Customer

I had a customer come into the bar tonight who announced as soon as he sat down that he had had a rough day. Oh oh. This is a big red flag for all the bartenders out there. Anytime a customer announces that they have had a bad day, it means you have to step up your game or things can get ugly quick. I started things off on the right foot by introducing myself and offering him a drink right away. He told me that he was a tequila lover and asked me what kind of tequila I had. Unfortunately the bar I was working at tonight only had three kinds/brands of tequila. Not an ample selection for a self-proclaimed tequila lover such as this gentleman.

After I broke the news to him, he needed a moment to rethink about what kind of drink he wanted since it wasn't going to be tequila. Just as I walked away to help another customer, I overheard the tequila lover ask the other bartender (who is also my manager) what different types of tequila there were. She started to stumble as she thought about the answer. Before she could even mutter any sort of answer, I turned around and said "Blanco, Reposado and Anjeo". Then I flashed her a big smile. I had her back and she knew it. This seemed to be just what Mr. Tequila Lover wanted to hear because he then looked at me with a big smile on his face and asked me what the differences between the three types of tequila were.

Duh. Blanco is considered "unaged" and is generally aged for less than 2 months which is why it is clear. A Reposado is aged anywhere from 6 months to a year, giving it a golden color. And the Anjeo is the cognac of all tequilas. It's the "sipping" tequila because it's been aged for over a year, sometimes more which gives it the flavor and dark color.

The tequila lover told me that he was impressed and later reflected it in his generous tip. My bar manager looked at me and Mr. Tequila Lover, smiled and said, "That's why I hired her".

Knowledge is always power kids.

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