Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Shitty Shift

I broke two glasses in my well. I shattered a martini glass with my hand and ripped open one of my fingers. I ran out of glassware. I ran out of change. And this was all within the first hour of clocking in for my shift on a Saturday night.

Sometimes it doesn't matter many years of experience you have behind the bar, shitty nights happen to everyone.


Vince said...

Wow, what a terrible night! Especially for an experienced bartender.

Hey Cielo, how come you're not on twitter? You should be there so you can spread a little more real time information to your fans (me). Also, I was wondering if you could tell me where the online bartender would is...blogs? twitter? facebook? I can't find it! I'm a new bartender that neeeeeds some serious help!

Cielo Gold said...

Vince, thanks for the Twitter idea. I will get signed up and post the link on the blog right now.

As for other real bartender sits out there, be sure to check out the links I have posted on the main page of the blog:

Joe Bartender
Miss Charming

Those are my favorite that I have found so far. Let me know if you find more.