Friday, December 5, 2008

Tap Water

Do people who order tap water tip?


I just wanted to make that perfectly clear. People who order tap water at the bar are not a huge priority to me in the whole scheme of things. That's why you will see me use the sink to pour glasses of water instead of using my soda gun. The facet runs a lot faster than the tap water on my gun does. The faster I can get the cheap asses out of my face, the better.

One time long ago, a guy got in my face about not wanting to pay five bucks for a bottled water (People always think I have something to do with the way drink prices are set at the bar). I told him he could go to the bathroom and get water from the sink. As you could imagine, he didn't like my comment very much.


Anonymous said...

You do realize that maybe the way you treat people who order water maybe exactly why they dont tip you. Its a shame that bartenders and waitresses assume if somebody is not drinking alcohol then they are not going to make as much money hence they are not treated the same. You never know they may tip better since they are spending less and have more sense.

Michelle said...

People shouldn't drink tap water anyway - it has all sorts of pollutants in it.

To the anonymous person - people who order tap water don't tip. period. It doesn't matter how you treat them.