Monday, December 29, 2008


New Years Eve is one of those days/nights where every bartender has to work. If you are a working bartender, you know better than to ask for the night off. It's a given that you will work that night. New Years Eve is an amateur night to me anyways. People who don't go out all yearlong are all out on New Years. I hate the crowds. I hate it when stuff is overpriced. I hate dealing with amateurs. I would rather make money than spend it on a night like NYE.

The really good parties don't start until well after midnight anyways....long after most of the amateurs have gone home.

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Michelle said...

I just stayed home smooching with my man this year. Best NYE in a long time. But I haven't had a man in YEARS - so I've got a lot of snuggling up to catch up on. xoxo