Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bloody Mary: The Meatloaf of Cocktails

Just in case you missed it my dearest readers. Here is my article that was published in Drink Me Magazine last year featuring one of my all-time, personal favorite cocktails, the Bloody Mary.

I was just Googling myself and found this article which was posted in Issue Six of the magazine back in February 2010. I almost forgot I had written it. I sure did have a ton of fun doing the research for the article.

Drink Me Magazine: Something About Mary by Kathleen Neves (aka Cielo Gold)


The 100 Bar Project said...

Big Bloody Mary fans the article.

Cielo Gold said...


During the research of this article, I tried one of the tastiest Bloody Marys I have ever had the pleasure of tasting-with bacon and pickle juice. Oh my!!

law bar said...

Wow! Bacon AND pickle juice?! Sounds super amazing! I am seriously loving your blog! Thanks so much for sharing!

Mike said...

Have you tried a Ceaser? Its a bloody mary but with clamato juice instead of just tomato juice. It was invented in my home city Calgary. Its really popular up here in Canada, eh?

RS Gold said...

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