Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Simple Questions Always Have Complex Answers

Why does it seem like when customers are asked the most simple questions, they respond with the most complex answers?

How are you today?
What would you like to drink?
Would you like your beer in a chilled glass?
Is everything okay?

It might be hard to imagine that simple questions like these lead to exhaustive answers from certain customers. Like when you ask a customer if they want their bottled beer served in a chilled glass and instead of answering yes or no, they look at you like you've just asked them how to solve global warming.

Or when you ask a customer what they want to drink they respond with, "I don't know. What's good?" Then you have to spend the next ten to fifteen minutes trying to figure out what spirits and cocktails the customer normally only to have them order a beer or a glass of house wine.

Even the "How are you today?" can lead into a long winded discussion involving a customer's number of ailments and personal woes, making you sorry that you asked in the first place.

Simple questions should always have simple answers.


Anonymous said...

I never try to ask a question but make a statement although that can backfire just as easy. If a person is going to talk they will anyway.

Boomka said...

Haha I hear you on this one. I've been tending bar at pizza restaurant/bar for 5 years now and I really think the best way to greet people is just to throw your hands in the air and say WHAT? Because no matter what I say they always answer the question they think I am about to ask so resulting in confusion. Maybe we should get signs like Wyle E. Coyote instead? Maybe.