Thursday, November 19, 2009

Playing the "I'm a bartender" card

It's so incredibly lame when someone comes into my bar, acts like a jackass and then when they complain to me about how I gave them attitude, pull the "I'm a bartender" card. If these people really were bartenders they would:

1-Not act like a jackass in the first place.
2-Order fast and easy drinks to make if the bar looks busy. In other words, not be high maintenance.
3-Be patient.
4-Not approach the bar until they knew exactly what they wanted to order and were ready to order it.
5-Not start off the transaction with "I'm sorry to be a pain in the ass but..."

When people pull this "I'm a bartender..." crap on me, I not only question if they truly are a bartender, but I can't help but wonder, what in the hell kind of bar do they actually work at?

I have worked in a variety of bars during my bartending career and I know better than to pull this kind of crap on anyone else. To me, announcing that you're a bartender in a situation where you are clearly the one who is throwing attitude and acting like a jackass just screams "douche".


christopher said...

What? I cannot believe being industry does not give me the right to be insufferable to others in the business.
kidding, of course. love the five steps to not being an a-hole

Sam said...

"Well, I work in the industry, so..."

Always pops up when a patron breaks the most rudimentary taboos of a restaurant or bar. Such as bringing in your own food or drink to the establishment.

My internal voice always says, "If you really did, we wouldn't be having this conversation."

Waitersfriend said...

Agree totally. The old - 'I've been in the industry for twenty years so you dont have to explain anything to me cos I already know it and can probably do a better job than you' attitude. Drives me mental too!

Anonymous said...

things like this happens to me when bartending everyday