Friday, November 21, 2008


Vodka outsells all other spirits 3 to 1. Vodka is void of a distinctive flavor, taste or smell which makes it the easiest spirit to mix anything with. Vodka can be made out of anything that has sugar or starch such as potatoes, grains, corn or rye. Vodka comes from the Russian word "voda" which means "little water". The classic cocktail, Moscow Mule introduced Smirnoff vodka to the United States in the 1940's. Popular vodka brand names include Grey Goose (France), Ketel One (Netherlands), Stoli (Russia), Absolut (Sweden) and Sky (San Francisco).

Absolut was the first on the scene to introduce flavored vodkas. Any guesses on which was the first flavored vodka to be introduced? It wasn't Absolut Citron or Absolut Mandarin, but Absolut Peppar in 1979. Absolut Citron wasn't put on the market until 1988. It is said that Absolut Citron created the Cosmopolitan.


ShakenNotStirred said...

Citron and 7 ruled our trip to LA!!

Cielo Gold said...

Yes it did. That drink also rules all my trips to Tahoe! ;)

Michelle said...

Its the only spirit that doesn't make me vomit when taken in large quantities... Love vodka - party on!