Friday, September 5, 2008

Did You Really Just Ask Me That?

Last night, I had two separate incidents that made me stop, scratch my head and ask myself and the customer(s), "Really?" Don't get me wrong, I deal with all kinds of different scenarios all night long, but the following two really took the cake last night.

Scenario #1: Party of Three (two girls and one guy)
I believe over the course of their three-hour stay, they had three or four rounds of drinks. Nothing too out of the ordinary. Some wine, vodka crans and shots of Macallan served neat. But when it came time for the party wanting to close out, the guy asked me for a to-go cup.

A to-go cup? Are you serious?

Maybe you can take your alcoholic drinks with you in the state of Nevada, but not in the state of California. I thought they were joking until I realized I was the only one laughing when I told them no. On top of that, they forgot to sign their credit card slip for the $140 tab and left their credit card on the bar.

Scenario #2: Party of Three (three girls)
This group of ladies approached my bar and decided to have a pow wow about what drink they were going to order. Finally after the whole group had come to a consensus, the leader of the pack ordered one margarita. I asked the other two what they wanted to drink and they shook their heads no, saying that didn't want to order anything. Okay. I made the margarita and finished the cash transaction with the ring leader. Then she asked me for two cups, with ice.


That's when I realized that the reason for the pow wow was for the group to decide on which drink they all three were going to share together. I was left speechless and didn't know what to say to that one.


Michelle said...

Idiots. I still say you are too smart to have to deal with this.


Michelle said...

Well - at least those three girls weren't out driving drunk. Three drunk girls with one brain would have surely caused an accident.

Anonymous said...

it's the recession (or beginning of it), i swear it. i've noticed an increase in people 'sharing' beverages. more and more couples, and friends!, come in and order one bottle of beer. when i inquire what the other person wishes to order i've been increasingly told "we're going to share."

and, magically, i look at them throughout the night and they are sharing: one takes a sip, the other takes a sip. i really hadn't noticed this until a few months ago.

(the to-go cup question always confuses me)

Cielo Gold said...

Sharing drinks? Are you serious? Oh man! I have seen people go out to their cars and "car bar" in front of clubs and parties in hopes of keeping their bar tabs to a minimum. I don't think I would ever want to share a drink with someone though, recession or not.

The only time I have ever had a request for a to-go cup was when a customer was joking around. Seriously, if they really thought a to-go cup was an option, then they would be in a rude awakening. Not so much in Vegas, but in San Francisco, most definitely.